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Squirrel & Vine
Self-catering apartment, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Affordable Accommodation in Stellenbosch
Demand for accommodation in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is a popular tourist town for a number of reasons. As the oldest town in South Africa, Stellenbosch welcomes many South African and international
visitors who wish to explore the historical importance of this town. As the oldest and most vibrant town in the Cape Winelands region (with the oldest wine route
in South Africa), Stellenbosch is a well-known centre for
wine tourism. At the same time, Stellenbosch is also home to Stellenbosch University and its blossoming
techology hub,
Technopark. Senior schools such as Paul Roos High School for boys, Bloemhof High School for girls and Rhenish Girls' High School strengthen the
academic cluster in Stellenbosch. In addition to major sporting events at Stellenbosch University's
Coetzenburg Stadium, Paul Roos High School's Markotter Sports
Grounds, and the Van der Stel Sports club, many cultural events (among them the annual Stellenbosch University Woordfees, the Stellenbosch Wine Routes Food
and Wine Festival and the Winelands Cheese Festival) make Stellenbosch a popular destination for tourists.

About affordable accommodation in Stellenbosch (budget accommodation in Stellenbosch / cheap accommodation in Stellenbosch)

Due to high demand, there are many luxury accommodation providers in Stellenbosch. There are comparatively fewer affordable accommodation options. Squirrel
& Vine apartment aims to provide a high quality of accommodation, but it is a self-catering apartment which requires guests to see to their own meals. For this
reason the apartment is
priced in the budget accommodation category. Budget accommodation is also sometimes referred to as 'cheap accommodation' or
'affordable accommodation'. Understandably, these terms usually imply a compromise in terms of luxury and quality. Often the most affordable forms of
accommodation are backpackers lodges, followed by self-catering accommodation establishments. At Squirrel & Vine, which provides private self-catering
accommodation in a single apartment in central Stellenbosch, we attempt to provide a high standard of self-catering accommodation at a reasonable price. Guests
can expect all the luxuries that they would usually enjoy in a bed-and-breakfast or guest house, but with significantly more privacy and an emphasis on value for
money. Self-catering establishments like Squirrel & Vine can charge budget accommodation rates because they do not have additional overhead costs such as a
manned reception desk, permanently employed staff, meal preparation costs and room service facilities. In stead, guests simply rent a fully-equipped apartment in
an apartment complex in the centre of Stellenbosch - much as if the property had been their own.

Squirrel & Vine is suitable for guests who wish to stay in the central town area of Stellenbosch with all the comforts of home, but who are willing to compromise
on the round-the-clock personal service that one might expect from hotel staff.

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